Thursday, September 22, 2011

Love Interruption.

I am interrupting the somewhat steady flow of journal entries from France to share with everyone the picture taken of Mark and I at the Vancouver Aquarium this past Saturday. We were, in fact, celebrating 1 YEAR of hand holding, ear whispering, laughing, learning, letter writing, picking at each other's skin, flying around the country, and being around one another in general. What better way to do that then to stand in awe in front of a huge jelly fish tank together? Or watch a beluga shake it? The frontal part of his melon head, I mean. There is no better way. No better way ever, so don't even try make suggestions, ok? Since Mark got in for nearly free with his WestJet tags, we opted to splurge for the overpriced photo of us taken in the entry. Please note the invisibility of Mark's jacket. Just one of the many reasons why he is just oh-so-datable. His mustache doesn't hurt either.

(click photo to enlarge, and zoom even further to get a close up of the mustache)

More journal entries to come.

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