Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back! Me. I'm back. On ma blog.

Hello Blog-land! I've decided to announce my return to this place, perhaps to make it a little happier of a space to stumble across on the inter-web. I thought, what better way to do this then to remember and share a little bit from my trip to France this past summer? And then we'll take it from there. We will indeed, TAKE IT FROM THERE.

Here is, in no particular order, a spread from my journal that I kept and wrote in and taped in (my favorite) whilst trouncing about the countryside, sleeping on trains, sleeping in parks, sleeping in caf├ęs, playing crib and seeing beautiful sights. Maybe I will sprinkle in a photo or two as well. YAY.

Without any further adieu, the first couple pages for your viewing pleasure.

dang girl. that's tiny. that's what you're thinking. right?

JUST CLICK THAT! just click it.

On the left is a comprehensive list of 'The Things Camille Hates' (written in French, because I'm awesome) you'll notice that I am number three on this list, but that's just how we joke okay? You shouldn't be worried about it. Also, just in case you didn't know, Camille is who we visited in the south. She is a lovely girl, who evidently, would hate to marry royalty.
On the bottom of that same page is the sketchy calender that I created and we relied on heavily for booking trains, catching planes, etc. Wise. On the right page is segments from the map we used the entire time in Paris to navigate the Metro. Beth and I both grew to love this map, and sometimes there would be subtle tensions between us if someone was controlling the map on a particular day (Note: I may have been the only one feeling this tension. Also, I was the one usually holding the map. So maybe I had separation anxiety. I usually skulked my way into holding it again)

Anyways. School is calling, so I'll end it there!

Until next time.

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