Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bridges and Beaches

Here are some pictures of the MacDonald bridge which brings you to Halifax from Dartmouth (or from Halifax TO Dartmouth if you're lucky!) which I am also obsessed with and also some picture of a few of the beaches we've visited so far -  Lawrencetown Beach, Martinique, Clam Harbour and Lake Banook. 

Nova Scotia is charming me so hard, guys. From a man playing piano in the ferry terminal waiting room, to an old lady turning to me on the ferry asking 'Woman to woman, did I get my lips?' regarding her lipstick application, to a random old man asking 'Got time for a joke?' on Barrington Street. I did, but I was awkward. The Valley is even better! You wave to oncoming vehicles and literally say hello to every single person you pass on the street. Some random dude paid our ferry toll on the way to LeHave Bakery, as we didn't have cash. Before we had even parked on this small ferry there was a gathering of about 4 adults RIGHT outside my open window, literally almost peering inside, 'What year is the van?' I exited the van and proceeded to chat with them the ride across. We bought freezies from the General Store in Petite Riviere and the lady not only cut the tops off but wrapped them in napkins for us like we were seven. When we walked outside the store, there was a large handmade sign advertising 'Coffee and Conversation Get Togethers - Everyone Welcome!' at the local church. We stopped for iced coffee drinks and an old furniture store and two sandy white beaches. Mark and I kept looking at each other with these annoying looks on our faces that said 'This is just too much but I love it and want more!' I will tell you more about our trip to The Ovens in another post perhaps. Anyhow, just enjoy these pics okay? 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Confabulation with the Freemans - Part Trois

Beth: It’s gonna take me a while to get used to your face with dentures when you get them, it like completely changes the look of someones face.
Mark: Wait, why am I getting dentures? 
Beth: Everyone gets them! 


Beth: Whoa, check it out! Mustang.
Mark: Porsche. 
Beth: Called it. 


Beth: If I don’t get my Happy Mail today, I’m going to kill myself. 


Talking about getting a pet pig:
Beth: Do they bite? 
Mark: No
Beth: Do they have teeth? 
Mark Yes. 
Beth: Would we have to feed it garbage? 


Later, talking about naming our pet pig: 
Mark: What about SeƱor Oinkers? 
Beth: No, nothing pig related. 
Mark: You wanted to call it pig


Talking about a career for Mark: 
Beth: Sometimes I just have no idea what you’re gonna do! 
Mark: Yeah… I’m pretty mysterious, hey? 


Mark: I wish I had a nice long jacket to wear over my suit. 
Beth: Yeah, something that hits you here? (motioning to mid-thigh) 
Mark: No, longer. 
Beth: Like a trench? 
Mark: Yeah. It will be my dress up coat AND my murder coat. 


Beth: Lets hug over there and look at that flower. 


Beth: Are you proud of me for eating all those burritos? 
(Costco size pack) 


Without any prompting, as we are lying in bed in the dark, about to fall asleep: 
Mark: You can play with my Apple watch when I get it if you want. 
(He still hasn’t got one) 


Beth: Your bum is so tinyyyy!! 
Mark: Hey! It’s a birch defect.


Camping this summer, beside an older guy in a white van, as we are playing cards at our picnic table: 
Beth: I’m scared that guy is gonna murder us tonight. 
Mark: Why? 
Beth: Cause a couple times I’ve looked over there and he’s been looking right at me. 
Mark: (Casually) Well quit looking at him then, you’re making yourself a target. 


Getting into the car Mark is driving, Beth, wanting to say ‘Punch it Chewy!’ 
Beth: Hit it, Gunny! 


After Mark is stroking Beth under the chin creepily: 
Beth: No, stop. I couldn’t tell you how much I hate that. 
Mark (whispering): You could try… 


I tried to find a recent picture of Mark and I to post with this, but I was unsuccessful. Then I thought, why not post a picture of something we made togeths? Check out this little human! Half Mark, half me. BIZARRE! And amazing. It's little profile makes my heart swell every time I look at it. Jan 2016 we will meet him or her! Extremely thankful and in awe of it's little kicks.  

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Focusing on Nothing

Hi there!

Do you ever just feel pulled in a million directions? And I don't mean social obligations, folks. I mean inside our brainsss. Lately, I don't know what to focus on. I guess it's good that there is more brimming in there than nothing.... I wonder about my future, what I'm meant to do, what I should pursue... I find myself wanting to paint, knit, stamp and craft constantly. I want to write letters to friends. I want to decorate my house better. I want to enroll in courses. I want to start a business. I want to sell art. Or maybe something completely different? I want to travel and not work every day. I get home from work and dabble in a million things, not really accomplishing anything and then I go to bed where I toss and turn with these ideas swirling... I really hope I find some focus soon. I've been obsessed with Kijiji lately as well, selling odd things around the house.. boots... decorations... my bike. I've brought baskets of books to Fairs Fair. I just have this sense of wanting to spend less and sell what I have. Mark and I gave up watching TV and movies for lent, so maybe that is directly linked to my over active thought life. Probably. I'll just wait for Easter to be over so I can placate my brain again with the comforting glow of Netflix and getting back to Friends Season 5. Or maaaaybe something will come of all these ideas banging around inside my head. I hope so.

I'd like to tell you about around here lately...

Okay this is going back a while to Mark's B-day. He turned 29 and I bought him a sweet axe and made him an english muffin for breakfast. He liked it.  

We stayed at the Sheraton DT Calgary for a night for a birthday treat and it was so fun! We went in the pool at night, showered and then walked to the theater in Eau Clair in our PJ's and wet hair and saw Birman. It was so fun. This is a picture of when Mark has popcorn and inevitably says 'Check it out' and then eats it with no hands. 

We went for a long walk along the river too. I love all the bridges. 

We checked out the public library downtown the next day, after coffee at Rosso's. It was lovely.

This is where we like to relax on Sundays. I love our couch and that yellow blanket will put you to sleep no matter what.

Sometimes this is what our couch looks like after we be nappin'.

This is me at work excited because a coworker gave me a life proof iPhone case. I'd been dropping my phone in the snow a lot so it was needed. I've since taken it off because it's hideous.

This is Mark and I at Gravity Coffee in Inglewood on a Saturday just working on our budget. #reallife

A blustery walk home. 

We are writing Mark's mom 60 letters over the course of her 60th year, so one day we went out for coffee and both wrote to Anne. It was nice.

The weather has been so warm, we can't help but walk all over the place! 

This is me knitting before church - I just wake up and want to knit! I'm registered for a class in Inglewood to learn to knit SOCKS and I CANNOT WAIT to work that heel! 

I was pretty proud cause I read a pattern to knit this and knit with double pointed needles, two things I had never done. It was surprisingly easy and it made me feel like I could do anything! It's a little troll toddler tuque, it's supposed to be a little pointy on top. I'm trying to make the next one even pointier. 

This is me and my good pal Allison at Village Ice cream on an unseasonably warm Sunday afternoon. 

These boys have known each other for decades!! It was so nice to see Mark Demmons and have him see our home here in Calgary. I think I had just told Mark to look normal, hence the exasperated look on his face.

Me and my B.I.L Daniel, he's pretty cool I guess. He just moved to Calgary for a bit so we'll be seeing a lot more of him. It's gonna be great!

That's that. You have now been updated. I gotta get to sleep! 

Till next time.