Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bridges and Beaches

Here are some pictures of the MacDonald bridge which brings you to Halifax from Dartmouth (or from Halifax TO Dartmouth if you're lucky!) which I am also obsessed with and also some picture of a few of the beaches we've visited so far -  Lawrencetown Beach, Martinique, Clam Harbour and Lake Banook. 

Nova Scotia is charming me so hard, guys. From a man playing piano in the ferry terminal waiting room, to an old lady turning to me on the ferry asking 'Woman to woman, did I get my lips?' regarding her lipstick application, to a random old man asking 'Got time for a joke?' on Barrington Street. I did, but I was awkward. The Valley is even better! You wave to oncoming vehicles and literally say hello to every single person you pass on the street. Some random dude paid our ferry toll on the way to LeHave Bakery, as we didn't have cash. Before we had even parked on this small ferry there was a gathering of about 4 adults RIGHT outside my open window, literally almost peering inside, 'What year is the van?' I exited the van and proceeded to chat with them the ride across. We bought freezies from the General Store in Petite Riviere and the lady not only cut the tops off but wrapped them in napkins for us like we were seven. When we walked outside the store, there was a large handmade sign advertising 'Coffee and Conversation Get Togethers - Everyone Welcome!' at the local church. We stopped for iced coffee drinks and an old furniture store and two sandy white beaches. Mark and I kept looking at each other with these annoying looks on our faces that said 'This is just too much but I love it and want more!' I will tell you more about our trip to The Ovens in another post perhaps. Anyhow, just enjoy these pics okay? 

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  1. I missed this one! I'm so happy you guys are loving Nova Scotia. Even though it sucks that you guys live far away it makes my heart happier knowing that you guys are all together :) Also, could Marieke get any cuter!?! seriously.
    Miss you and love you!