Tuesday, February 12, 2013

At long last. Mail!


After almost two weeks without a single piece of mail, not even a bill (I was really starting to question my existence) I received all my internet purchases in one glorious day. The doorbell was ringing, the mailbox was creaking, my heart was soaring. These are some of the things I've been waiting for: 

I sighed heavily and said 'I LOVE my new iPhone case' about a hundred times the first day I had it. Just ask Mark. 

Mark and I both loves whales. This is our first print of, hopefully, many more to come. 

I love this photo so much. It makes me feel like singing the hills are alive while channeling my inner Heidi, and also reminds me of BC. Perf. 

This piece is by the lovely Pips Ebersole, purchased from Society6 (as are all the above pieces). We love it so much. Mark calls it 'our future home'

Pour le kitchen. I tend towards extreme carelessness in the kitchen, these rules are great reminders. From 3LambsIllustration etsy shop.

I am officially collecting interesting tea towels. I found some tomato and carrot ones from Crate & Barrel which I love as well. Is this my first collection? From ZenThreads etsy shop.

Technically, this came at the end of December, but I wanted to share because its so cooozy and soft to wear and people automatically think you're friendly. From HelloMerch, although, I didn't pay $50.00. 

This week, in the name of an approaching V-day, I downloaded some posters from the internet and got them printed at Staples. They now adorn our bedroom walls. I feel racy.

In a perfect world, I would have slowly collected amazing frames and then maybe spray painted them, or what have you, but in my haste, I rushed off to Ikea and bought all white frames. Boring, yes. Instant gratification? Also yes. 

I painted one kitchen wall yesterday. Covering up blue with white took around eighty coats. I accidentally started painting with an oil based paint. I had a sneaking suspicion when I felt really light headed and the paint stayed wet for a long time, and my suspicions were confirmed while trying to wash my hands. I basically just spread the paint up to my elbows. Luckily Daniel was out so I requested he bring home some paint thinner. Disaster averted. 

Also, we bought a clothes drying rack. Genius.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Tickets and Outfits

Last night Mark and I met on 17th and went out for Wendy's... which, you probably won't believe me, but was the first time we went there. Our car is currently uninsured, which we learned when pulled over yesterday on our way downtown by a Morning Cop. Thankfully, he didn't impound our car (thanks Mr!) He did however, charge us 230 bones. Ouch. So Mark took transit home yesterday and I walked to meet him. We both had headphones in. I kept thinking how it felt like a movie (and later learned so did Mark). We simply walked up to each other in the middle of the street, coming from opposite directions, hugged,  turned, and walked together in the same direction. I'm not even sure we exchanged words. 

A few things: 
Steve Funk rolls into town today (excited!)

I have a Mexican cooking class this afternoon. 

I will take transit for the first time here (excited!) 

I've been drawing parts of my outfits every morning. 

I also started painting a large dot piece. 

We finished 'The Horse and his boy' 

I found a great study mix. 

Mark has this weekend off (excited!) 

Not done yet. 

Above is what nearly every breakfast looks like 'round these parts.

Till next time!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Laundry Day

Last time Mark and I did laundry in our building it cost us 18 dollars. That's 6 dollars for the washing, and 12 dollars for the drying. Needless to say, the dryers are terrible. Yesterday I only had 4 loonies and a mountain of laundry to do, and you can't very well skip the wash. I made my own clothes line from bakers twine, and yes, it did result in me clotheslining myself on numerous occasions. Right in the neck. When we went to sleep and the lights were off it felt like I had set up numerous trip lines for the burglars I was expecting.

Yesterday was a bit of a frustrating day tackling my Biology textbooks and feeling homesick. I chose a good day to test out making my mom's chilli though. It was a screaming success and made me feel like I was at home. Skyping with my family also helped immensely. Husband and I watched Argo last night. Mark was laughing like a maniac at the tense parts, and sitting up straight in our bed, which I think means it was a hit. 

I listened to This American Life's newest podcast this morning whilst folding ye olde laundry. 'Kid Logic' it's called. I guffawed, giggled, had tears in my eyes and found myself paused, arms raised, mid-fold countless times. Recommend! 

Today is Mark and I's (is that proper english?) six month anniversary. You're still allowed to count months for the first year, right? He texted saying 'Hey you, don't worry about supper tonight. We're going out' so I'm a lil' excited about a Wednesday night date. 

Doorbell just rang and it was my society6 prints! Woot! I'll show you what I bought next time.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, y'hear?