Friday, February 8, 2013

Tickets and Outfits

Last night Mark and I met on 17th and went out for Wendy's... which, you probably won't believe me, but was the first time we went there. Our car is currently uninsured, which we learned when pulled over yesterday on our way downtown by a Morning Cop. Thankfully, he didn't impound our car (thanks Mr!) He did however, charge us 230 bones. Ouch. So Mark took transit home yesterday and I walked to meet him. We both had headphones in. I kept thinking how it felt like a movie (and later learned so did Mark). We simply walked up to each other in the middle of the street, coming from opposite directions, hugged,  turned, and walked together in the same direction. I'm not even sure we exchanged words. 

A few things: 
Steve Funk rolls into town today (excited!)

I have a Mexican cooking class this afternoon. 

I will take transit for the first time here (excited!) 

I've been drawing parts of my outfits every morning. 

I also started painting a large dot piece. 

We finished 'The Horse and his boy' 

I found a great study mix. 

Mark has this weekend off (excited!) 

Not done yet. 

Above is what nearly every breakfast looks like 'round these parts.

Till next time!

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  1. love your blog and staying up to date on your life in Calgary, seems pretty fab! love you! (this is debby of course, just too lazy to sign out)