Thursday, September 15, 2011

France Journal Part II: For the love of tape.

Hello friends,

Here are some more pages out of THE JOURNAL.

I fell in love with creating little pockets in this journal, its so handy, right? The first thing I bought in France was a roll of tape - I remember asking in a store 'Je cherche pour un roll d'adhesif... pour attacher quelquechose de quelquechose d'autre?' No luck. Eventually I located some, and I felt smug each time I found a new use for it, like I didn't know what I would have done without it. In fact, here is an extract from the written part of my journal where I speak of it:
"I love the tape I bought. A little too much. HAPPY. I use it at every possible moment. My journal was torn a little on the bottom - 'Oh, I know, TAPE!' and I felt so relieved afterwards, like I absolutely don't know what I'd do if I couldn't fix it straight away with my scotch tape. Such smug satisfaction. I'll tape YOU up!'
Didn't think someone could have such strong feelings towards tape? Think AGAIN.
This particular pocket holds an abundance of tickets from the trip. You can see them laid out for you below. Mostly they are tickets for the metro, train, or whatnot, but also from museums, cheese factories, etc. On the right, the receipt from my first cup of espresso, drank in the Gare de Lyon train station while waiting for Beth Ashton to arrive. Later I moved outside under the clock, to wait for her, and read. Unfortunately, it really smelled like urine out there though and I was leery to sit on the ground, although I eventually did because my legs were tired and I sit on the pee steps at Atangard all the time. So no biggie. The picture of Beth is from an underground photo machine that we needed for the metro cards we proudly purchased. I will post them later. ANTICIPATION.
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  1. i am so glad you are back in internetworld! i miss the xanga days. <3 maria