Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stick and Poke, Falling Leaves, and Television Graveyards

Life lately:

1. Our room during the twenty minute span of sunlight it gets per day.
2. Where televisions go to die.
3. Blue tights and orange and yellow leaves.
4. Wearing a dress I forgot I owned.

1. Green nail polish which last exactly 16 hours (Don't take baths or wash dished with nail polish on. It'll kill it preeety quickly)
2. Tiffany studying at school with leaves falling behind her.
3. My first project for Painting & Drawing 1 - its taking many, many hours.
4. Tiff before her exam. Hopeful?

1. Beth says 'Imagine you just saw me wearing this as a necklace?'
We both laugh and take pictures, anything to avoid sorting
through piles of clothes in our room.
2. Tessa getting stick n' poked by Lianne at girls night.
(She got a pair of scissors on one of her fingers.)
3. I put my toast in the toaster and that was how it came out!
I call that magic! Or art. Magical toast art.
4. Sophia Suderman goes platinum blond.


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