Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What twenty hours of work looks like.

Why hello there!

This was my first assignment for my painting and drawing class and boy was it a doozie. (The next one is a two-pronged self portrait assignment doomed to fail (My self portraits always do. I'd rather write a paper on the emotional roller coaster of never quite achieving the result your looking for in one. No, I wouldn't. That's a lie.)) Here is a little bit of the process. I was working in the back room of Atangard which meant a friggin' sore back and cold hands, with the upside being frequent input from good ol' Len (Hotel Manager), being able to listen to music as loud as I want and staying set up for a good couple days without being in anyones way. The assignment was to divide a 3' by 3' piece of MDF into 9 squares and paint each group in contrasting values (either dark, light, or only black and white). We had to choose a celebrity and I chose Roald Dahl. Next time though, next time I'll do Quentin Blake (who illustrated most of Roald Dahl's books). The photos are rather dark. I'm sorry. It was rather dark back there.

This last photo is from one of the technical assignments we had to do. It is a copy of one of Albrecht Durer's etchings done with ink pen, presented in an interesting way. Voila!

Now I am going to go watch a movie and eat popcorn with Markie Mark and enjoy the fact that I handed this all in ONE WEEK EARLY. Huzzah!

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