Friday, June 14, 2013

Confabulation with the Freemans

Sometimes I write down things we say during our days that make me giggle. I had quite the list so I thought I'd share it with y'all.

We were talking about a new couch pillow cover I found at a garage sale 
Mark: These pillow are kinda scratchy hey? 
Beth: Yah. You kinda need to stay away from them. 
Mark: Seems like a great selling feature. 
Talking about organ systems (I was studying biology) 
Beth: If I had to get rid of one (organ system) I'd choose reproductive system, cause it's the only one you wouldn't completely die without. 
Mark: I'd choose muscular. 
Beth: …. 
I cringe most of the time Mark puts his feet on me, especially when they're cold. Even though he lets me do it to him all the time… I'm a terrible person. After one instance where I particularly cringed: 
Mark: You have to love all of me. Including what's below my ankles. 
Beth: If you had fifty million dollars what would you wanna buy?
Mark: I'd wanna get prosthetic arms and legs. 
Beth:…. what?!!? 
Beth: Whoa.. look at how foggy it is over there. 
Mark: It looks like there's mysteries going on over there. 
Beth: What were you just doing?
Mark: Tai chi. 
Drinking from one of those large mouth nalgene thingies..
Beth: It's really hard for me drink water bottles like these on jiggly trains. 
Mark: We're on a bus. 
Beth: I wonder how many people die every day in NYC… Think about it, if there's thirty million people living there… that's like the population of Canada.. think of how many people die every day in Canada… Probably thirty. 
Mark: I like how many numbers you're pulling outta your butt. 
Here is a crappy video of a video that Levi Binder took of Mark dancing last year that I love... 

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  1. ahahah i laughed! LOVE THE DANCE MOVES MARK!

    Tessa: haha heheeh (laughing)
    Andrew: Mark's a good dancer, eh?