Monday, January 21, 2013


This weekend was quiet in a good way. The first time that Mark has had a Saturday + a SUNDAY off in a row. What a treat. We luxuriously slept in both days, went for walks, had delicious food and necessary conversations over dinner. It was good. We are getting better at communicating I think. It's nice to see progress and then to imagine how much better we will be in the future. I feel the anticipation of it, and yet, I am happy to be where I am with him, today.

We found a dog park by a river. I am ridiculously, always, obsessivley, afraid of slipping when we go for walks. Mark is baffled by me, but piecing together that I'm straight up not used to walking in the snow. Learning curve for Beth. Basic life skill for rest of population. I would crouch down and Mark would drag me behind him on parts that looked too treacherous for me. Every fall begins with a slip, I told him. Not actually true, but that matters not. It's pretty dang cold here lately. I wear driving gloves when I drive Mark to work every day and giggle inwardly. I feel like a rich person. I'm actually just a person with a frozen steering wheel. I like that I'm adapting to the cold. Winter walks are nice, but I'm excited for summer walks. T-shirt walks. Late-night, still-light walks.

Mark is most likely in need of three weeks training in Cupertino, CA in the upcoming months and I eagerly await going with him.

I am currently sitting at Higher Grounds in Kensington. Looking around this place, which is fairly large, I am the only person sitting alone. << Lonely moment >> I have more lonely moments here than ever before. In an odd way, I'm happy to have these moments, to experience it. I think it makes me more aware and more grateful for people. Happier to see Mark at the end of the day. Thankful for new friends in this city. More intentional about keeping in touch with family and friends like family. Part of me feels anxious about all that is going on at home that I'm not part of, but another part of me is learning to be at peace with it all.

I signed up for three cooking classes. Winter vegetables, hearty soups and Mexican. Can't wait!

Our Saturday afternoon walk about:

(Treacherous Terrain- Beth) (Delightful Stroll - Mark) 

That's the Elbow River, folks. 

Till next time!

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  1. I am inspired by your understanding of experiencing loneliness and embracing it. To be content with our sorrow, and to even find joy in it is a profound and complex discovery. I wish I could join you in your loneliness and you could tell me of your wisdom. :) Much love.