Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas Tree Removal, etc.

Lately has been nice. Right away after Christmas was crappy, I was sick, Mark was bordering on sick, I was coming off of a Christmas high, and it felt oh-so-lonely and cold here in Calgary with Mark working everyday. But! Once I felt all better, I was amazed how everything started to feel better. Being sick is the worst. I currently have a wimpy-ass cold again, which mean I have to blow my nose about every 30 seconds but that's about it. Mostly, I just fill trash cans with kleenex really quickly.

Lately, we've got rid of our Christmas tree and packed up all the decorations that we accumulated this year, which was quite. a. few.

We celebrated Mark's 27th birthday which was really fun. I attempted my first serious chocolate cake and Dan was in town to hang out with me all day and decorate. We surprised Mark with a few friends at night. He was a happy camper and literally the easiest person to surprise. He suspects NOTHING. I got out of bed early to make breakfast for him and he came into the kitchen in the morning and was shocked. I felt like it was obvi, but maybe that's because I suspect EVERYTHING. Usually resulting in disappointment. But we spoiled him! Oh yes we did. 

We also had a really nice evening date to Banff for dinner and the hot springs. We listened to the Horse and his boy on the drive home which I loved. 

It snowed a bunch here, which has been exciting for me because I missed all the other snowfalls. It's amazing how when they say it's going to snow in Calgary it really, really will. Unlike in BC when it will turn to rain half hour in, or never snow at all, or rains right after or any other sort of combination involving rain. However, in Calgary it snows and then nothing happens. Life just carries on as usual. This is strange to me. Mark should not have to go to work and no one should be on the roads and we should do puzzles all day. This is what makes sense to me. 

We also got memberships to the Calgary Zoo which we visited on Tuesday. The penguins were amazing. The first person to come visit can use the 10$ pass we got with our memberships. That's a promise! (Must mention this post when redeeming) Today I spent the entire afternoon thrifting. I will post more about that later.

Enough chit chat. Here are some pictures. And a bit more chit chat.

We walked through Princess Island Park on our way to see the Glenbow Museum on New Years Day. If you're wondering why my hair is tucked up in my toque like a boy, it's because my 'over-medium' egg squirted all up in my hair during breakfast at Deluxe Diner. It got crusty real fast folks. 


We make sure to take lots of instax so that we can fill our Calgary book.

Calgary tower on a sunny day. 

Mark pulling our Christmas Tree to the place where they are collected, conveniently located only a few short blocks from us. Woot. 

It was a good tree. We won't ever forget her. Especially since she left many, many needles behind. Also, we have no vacuum. 

Mark and Dan testing out Dan and Katie's new 3-D TV.

Prezzies for Mark. He appreciated the Star Wars wrapping paper best.

Not the best picture of Mark. Hah, the crown I made him looks pretty ghetto. And from the looks of the picture he has two girlfriends, which I don't approve of.

A balloon popped on my eyeball. It was traumatizing to say the least. It felt bruised for days! :( 

Bearded sleepy Mark.

Shaves it off. Sorry for not taking an after picture. Kind of loses the dramatic effect. Just imagine what he looked like before he ever had a beard, ok? He basically looks the same only he's aged 3 months.

The penguins were the best! They swim so fast, and stand so still. 

These camels were besties. They stood together, leaned down to pick up food together, chewed together, turned to stare at us together. 

Me at the Zoo. 

Me walking 'round Calgary with my delicious coffee trying to use my phone with gloves on and talking on the phone. Multitasked that crap.

On sunny days, our building looks like this in the morning. 

And the light comes into our place so beautifully, and iPhone can never seem to do it justice. It's lovely.

Till next time!

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