Saturday, September 11, 2010

I love making lists, I love disobeying lists.

I've constructed possible the longest Saturday to-do list the world has ever seen.

These are all the non-list things I've done today:

1. Bought a red cardigan
2. Picked up film from the mall
3. Played bubble explode
4. Ate a leisurely breakfast with roomies
5. Recorded fruit snack statistics
6. Decorated art folder
7. Listened to music very intentionally
8. Wrote with sharpie on brown wrapping paper (technically I was writing something for school, which was on the list)
9. Posted on blogspot

Here is the actual list:

1. Get Website illustration done and sent off
2. Make an appetizer
3. Think of a memory, sentiment, or thought to share at tonight's festivities
4. Clean out car
5. Write Print Media short essay
6. Work Out
7. French Homework
8. Clean Room
9. Skype with Bruce and Lyds
10. Do an Atangard chore

Why I do this??

HEY. Tonight is the Atangard One Year Anniversary Party! I can hardly comprehend that I've already been living here for a complete year. Can you?

Also, I got my Saskatchewan photos developed and will post some soon!

I am happy.

P.S. Unrelated: Sofe checks me for the mouth cancer I was sure I found.

P.P.S She didn't see anything.

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  1. I missed your birthday! Happy Birthday dearest faraway friend.