Saturday, August 14, 2010


today as we roamed the farmers market killing time waiting for mitch millers to open, i was on my phone and connected to a network called groggy and thought 'that is very appropriate'. boy, was i a grump stick. after i had coffee i cheered significantly and Beth and i peppered Stephen Funk with medical questions and i cringed a lot. that guy is crazy! he is seriously off the chain. and he doesn't even know it. also, another relatively significant thing that happened this morning is this: three people on separate occasions found different specimens in my hair. Incident #1: sitting in the front entry with Vicki, she leans over and removes a small white feather from my hair. Incident #2: at breakfast with B & S (ha!) and Beth removes what we were assuming was a chunk of a flower, covered in pollen. Incident #3: Steve leans in and removes some egg from my hair. I don't even know how it got there, as the waitress had literally JUST set down our plates. what the flip! who even knows what else is hiding in there. i eagerly await incident #4, it is just around the corner, i'm sure. hopefully it will be a gold nugget. or a baby rabbit.

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