Sunday, November 22, 2009

tom foolery.

today, friend steve came over to hang the world's largest bulletin board that he crafted for us as an early christmas gift. please enjoy the following images of us. thank you for stopping by.

also, i proposed that beth and i paint portraits of one another to hang above our beds. i am pumped to see the result. she is working on it currently. i will start later. we are awesome squared. i can be cocky on my own blog right? especially because only beth and i read this.

this morning we had communal breakfast and i was the first one there and i sipped on peppermint hot chocolate sitting on the couch in utter peace and contentedness for half an hour. i'm remembering, lately, to take stock of the moments. i have been recording them.

i went to my parents last night, as previously mentioned, and i don't think i have laughed so hard in ages. watching my dad trying to read the card as we played charades as a family for the first time was hilarious. him acting out 'rickshaw' was worth a belly laugh, and when we realized later it was supposed to be 'hacksaw' we laughed some moh. also, i have no inhibitions when playing with the fam, so i was going all out in the acting department - dropping and rolling, pulling my hair, linking arms with imaginary friends and skipping gaily down a path (yellow brick road).

also, i sang karaoke for the first time on friday night. in public, i fail in the performance category. but i can check it off my list of things to do, if i had one. i should make one. that will be on my list for things to do tomorrow along with:
-give blood
-watch 'New Moon'
-finish Art History paper


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  1. i need to all those things as well, except for the art history paper.