Monday, April 22, 2013

Esplorin' California

Mark and I went on our first Californian adventure with new Apple friends (Kendall from San Diego, Robbie from New York and Jing from Toronto) on Saturday. It was filled with beach, path, and boardwalk strolls. Sunscreen applications, fish and chips, in n' out burgers, Canadian/American jokes and sharing music. Stunning coastal drives, water falls, Bixby Bridge and the fog rolling in. We got home in time for a night cap, a coat or two of aloe vera and with two very burnt feet (mine). We slept like logs and woke up early(ish) Sunday for our day in San Francisco. Pictures to come tomorrow! 

Our first stop was the beach at Santa Cruz. 

Jing bought some Rainbow dippin' dots for us. We LOVED THEM. Thank you Jing. And liquid nitogren.

Next we went to Bixby Bridge which was a real stunner. 

Pfeiffer National Park... Incredibly beautiful.

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