Friday, March 1, 2013

Walking With Boys

Yesterday was a beautiful day. We decided to escape from the city and go for a walk through the woods in Kananaskis. While it got progressively cloudier as we drove further from the city, we were not deterred. We would walk. I love driving towards the mountains. You just need to swivel your head to see so many unflinchingly flat bits behind you contrasted with such unflat in front. Mountains! Walking with boys is so different than walking with girls. Even in such serene nature, Mark and Dan found a surprising amount of things to smash. I wouldn't have rather walked with anyone else.

Jumping over creeks, even though there were bridges. This was the first creek Mark drank from. He was terribly thirsty. 


The cutest little acorn (right)


Cause why not, right? (left) Brothers who love each other a whole lot (right)

Group shot. 

Dan said it was like they caught a fish. They smashed it against the rocks. This was probably the fifth large ice shard with the same fate. 

I love Dan in this one. He could be five, in the best way. They smashed this log against the rocks too. In a loving way, not in a log-hating sort of way. 

How Mark prefers to drink his water. Dan and I took drinks too, but Dan got a little bit of water up his nose so we stopped. 

Building an homage to our walk for future generations to enjoy. In reality, the next boys to walk up this trail will probably find immense joy in pushing it over. C'est la vie.

We built it together! It was awesome and super sturdy.

Goodbye for now, dear mountains. I slept the whole way home. The only thing I did that night was work on my rug... it's coming along! I can almost curl up on it.  

Till next time. 


  1. Wow, what beautiful scenery! Gotta love boys and smashing things. How are you making that rug? Is it braided? It looks awesome!

  2. So many things! That is such a great thing about Calgary - so close to mountains and all sort of cool outdoor stuff! That rug looks really cool, Mark and Dan are so adorable and I'm glad you guys all look like you are having so much fun!

  3. It would have been really funny if you made the caption "The cutest little acorn (right AND LEFT)"

    But only funny because I know you, and anyone else would think you are really into yourself.

  4. NATHAN! THIS IS NATHAN! I even signed in, but it made my comment anonymous. I bet this one too.

    I proved myself not a robot TWICE for all of this.