Wednesday, January 25, 2012

First Etsy Purchase

Bonjour, bonjour!

Here are some pictures from lately.

Mark and I went out for Thai food upon his arrival home. It was fun. We talked about many things. After that, we went to see Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, which. was. amazing. We sat in the theater after everyone left, just kind of leaning into one another. It will move you, oh yes it will.

Tessa bought a new jacket which she jokingly calls her sleeping bag, but really, it IS quite like a sleeping bag. A fashionable one though, come on guys! This was after we went to Lou's and shared nachos and a pitcher of beer with Sofe and Tiff and Lianne and sat on the very cold patio because inside was too loud for us. This was before we played an epic game of Dutch Blitz in the kitchen for Levi's birthday and drank Porn Stars and Blue Lagoons, and had a gay ol' time.

This, my friends, is my very first etsy purchase ever. I selected 20 different small spools of tape. For what purpose? WHO EVEN KNOWS YET? The possibilities are endless. Maybe for wrapping presents? I just love them, so don't question it, okay? On the same day, I also purchased an iPhone cover, which I CAN'T WAIT TO GET but it takes 3-5 weeks to be shipped. WTD. WTD forever. (what the deuce) This is the one I selected. Please don't go on the site and tell me which ones are better, because Society6 has about a billion cool ones and I got overwhelmed and I'm on a bit of an Aztec kick (and when I say Aztec kick, I mean I bought one shirt with an aztec pattern and that's all) so I just picked one! This one!

I find it to be subtle, but oh-so-aztecky all at once.

Mark leaves again for five days gross-early tomorrow morning and so tonight we will continue our somewhat new tradition of having a date night before he leaves. I like this tradition. I also like going on dates right when he gets back, to catch up and whatnot. I also like going on dates to avoid homework, to avoid a dinner I don't like at home, to talk about secret things, and for countless other reasons! Tonight we are playing cards and eating cake, a perfect combination.

I will now attempt to tackle some homework while I wait for him to get home from being a Youth Leader.


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