Friday, May 14, 2010

little country in the city

our garden is officially under attack!

so, we may have cultivated some land that did not in fact belong to us, but we were doing so in broad daylight with the support of all down towners. this morning as the groundskeeper Len casually walked by Sofe as she was sipping her morning coffee he uttered the words 'cabbies got yer garden last night'. we've been expecting a retaliation from the owners - we were just hoping it wouldn't be a seven foot fence, and so sofe came and found me and we went out there to survey the damage. we discovered that the real owners of the lot, a taxi cab company, had removed our donated wood boxes and two of our largest planters and to top it off kicked over our cinder blocks - just to prove they are indeed five years old. they also did it at twelve oclock at night in secret, as if it wasn't in fact their property! in response we are going to bust our pre-made 'save our garden' shirts, use brick and mortar to create our next set of boxes, and possibly stage a sit in over night to keep a close eye on things. sofe and i cracked open two beers at eight thirty this morning as we sat on the curb and laughed at the kicked over cinder blocks and just thanked our lucky stars they didn't step on our blueberry row. it is safe for now.

Below, is our little country in the city...

these are the seedlings i've started in my room which have sprouted in just five days, much to my relief! i thought i was drowning them or poisoning them with the old windex bottle i've been using to water them.

now, i'm going to go sow that lot FULL of wildflowers!

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