Saturday, March 6, 2010

dear readers: i did a painting

it is saturday night and i am home at ten thirty painting and listening to bon iver, i simply can't wait for sunday. no reason. just. i love sundays. my roomate is off in vancouver in a video shoot with k-os and you say party, we say die and i am here at atangard, receiving photo texts of her with a foot long fake braid. i am excited to hear stories.

there is a passage from catcher in the rye that i think about at least once a month, i think i will post that next. or maybe even later tonight if i have energy. mcdonalds has free coffee right now and although they said it was one per customer, we made off with five. i shouldn't have caffeine past four, and so, who knows how long i will be up. i am glad that this doesn't fill me with dread, because spare time has become somewhat of a worst enemy as of late. but tonight i am at peace. also, i have a book to finish and that comforts me.


  1. What???? beth is gonna be a music video girl, that's crazy, and she gets to meet K-os, dang. On the bight side, see you in 2 weeks.

  2. I love you. I was washing my face off after the video and I was thinking "I can't wait to be home and tell Beth about this (this being this crazy vacation from normal lovely life)." Cool, but not to live in. I like our life.

    - your room mate