Saturday, January 30, 2010

today i feel incredibly normal. i don't like it.

nap time! (does anyone else need to keep the lights on when they take naps? i hate waking up and everything is dark, it makes me feel lonely and scared. lights on remedies this and although it takes a bit longer to fall asleep it is worth it in the end. try it out sometime friend. or maybe you don't nap. in which case, weird. i feel sorry for you. although sometimes i hate the nap and have strong negative feelings toward it, it is definitely something that brings me much joy and only rarely strong waves of grumpiness.)

this post needs a picture. DONE.

obviously, this is what showed up when i google imaged 'cool'.

this also showed up. this image however, i find rather creepy. especially the decorative edge around his boot cut jeans. come ON!

i hope you are not disappointed with these two cool images.

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes, I think we are the same person. I have to leave my light and the kitchen light on if I am thinking of taking a nap. If it is pre-planned I will sleep on the couch. All in an effort to avoid the doom post nap feeling. For a while Madison and I went through a phase where we wouldn't let each other nap, but napping is too wonderful and worth all the risks.